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Using UDA, Utility and energy companies can enable OT teams to access operational data remotely, helping to optimize industrial equipment inspections, make damage assessments and handle inventory monitoring and distribution. UDA takes data from different OT Controllers e.g CMMS, PCS, SCADA and pushes back to IT systems running Big data/AI/ML based platform that helps to understand the correlation, having insight and reconciliation between both environments without connecting to OT network.

Workers Find the CMMS System Too Complicated and sometime the implementations Fail and UDA can address the gap

  • CMMS data integrated with IT system though UDA can be a easy and workable solution without implementing IOT or full IT / OT integration  
  • UDA can also help integrate the CMMS with CFMS ( Compute Family management Systems ) systems that�s primarily handles Real Estate.


  • Driving OT/IT connectivity for as step towards IOT, IT/OT Convergence and Integration  
  • It helps to see, understand, influence and insight of the physical operational ecosytems

Solution brief
Velox UDA is located in the OT (Operation Technology) network Control Center that connect to the IT or business LAN. To combine security with a positive user experience, Velox offers 3 system architectures as below

  • Storage of data in the cloud  
  • Storage of data in a S3 compatible drive in the customer network
  • Https gateway server or data diode

Storage of data in the cloud/ Onsite
We can upload the analysis results, snapshots, ringbuffer, logbook and configuration from the OT Monitoring Unit / CMMS via the Communication Unit unidirectional to an AWS cloud storage/ Onsite Storage / DB. When in the cloud/onsite DC, all uploaded information can be accessed and displayed with the user frontend.

Storage of data in a S3 compatible drive in the customer network
Another option is to implement the cloud environment, S3 compatible storage in the customer network on L3 / L4 and ensure that all data transfer and communication is unidirectional and always from OT (L1/2) up to the IT network.
HTTP(s) gateway server or data diode
The use of different hardware firewalls, e.g. HTTP(s) proxy server or data diodes is a third option. In this case, it is possible to have a physical firewall at any point in the data route. This can start between Velox UDA and Monitoring Unit, between Monitoring and Communication Unit or from there upwards to the business LAN and the cloud/onsite DC.