Digital Substation



Prosoft-Systems company has been developing and delivering turnkey solutions in the field of high-tech devices and automation systems for power energy, oil and gas, metallurgical industries and so on since 1995.

Over the years the company has established itself as a reliable developer of software and hardware for the domestic market. Manufactured products and complex solutions of Prosoft-Systems demonstrate their successful operation at large power energy and industry holding companies of Russian Federation and other countries.

Company structure consists of:

  • R&D centre  

  • multifunctional fullscale manufacturing facility  

  • accredited testing laboratory, calibration, and electrotechnical laboratory  

  • training centre  

  • technical support service  

Wide range of services and own manufacturing facilities make it possible for the company to fulfil projects on a turnkey basis: from designing of a single product to complex service of large-scale serial orders.

Prosoft-Systems uses a comprehensive approach to the implementation of projects, which allows the company to offer the most technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions to customers. Prosoft-Systems has a high-capacity R&D centre. Process of devices development (and complex solutions based on such) is well-organized and always up to date with global trends.

Prosoft-Systems is member of CIGRE and other workgroups and research committees of authoritative international organizations, such as OPC Foundation, UCA International Users Group, EtherCAT Technology Group. During its activity Prosoft-Systems takes into account different open international standards and technologies and delivers reliable innovative solutions in compliance with worldwide requirements.



ARIS MD is a substation automation system for implementing automated systems (SAS, data acquisition and transmission systems, telecontrol, etc.) of power facilities. The complex was developed in accordance with the IEC 61850 standard for creating automated systems of power facilities

  • ARIS MD substation automation systems for 750/500/220/110 kV SS with a process bus  

  • ARIS MD substation automation systems for 750/500/220/110 kV SS without a process bus  

  • ARIS MC substation automation systems for 110/35/10/6 kV SS.  

  • ARIS MC substation automation systems for 110/35/10/6 kV SS  

  • ARIS MC fault location, isolation and service restoration for 6 kV, 10 kV, 20 kV networks  

  • Automatic regulation system of active power delivery and primary frequency control of solar pp and wind farms based on ARIS MC system  

  • ARIS MD monitoring and diagnostics system of transformer equipment