Packaging Information



Standard packages for electrical conductors supplied by JSK Group companies are designed to the International Packaging Standards.

Packaging - A Part of the Manufacturing Process

Because conductors are made in long lengths, it is essential for economical manufacture that they be placed on shipping reels or in coils continuously as they come off the stranding machines. The packaging of the conductor is, therefore, an integral part of the manufacturing process, and the desired package must be determined before production can begin.

It is a relatively simple matter to determine the size of reel or coil needed for a given length or weight of a particular size of conductor. There are, however, scores of different sizes and types of aluminum conductors and ACSR, and the determination of the most desirable standard packages for each, from both manufacturers' and users' points of view, requires careful consideration of many variables.

Features of Standards

Listed below are the principal features:

  • The largest possible packages consistent with users' requirements and manufacturers' equipment limitations are provided.

  • Alternative packages are provided where practical which are even fractions of the largest package offered.

  • All wooden and metal reels are handled on a non returnable basis.

  • The cubic capacity of all reels is utilized with maximum practical efficiency.

  • Standard packages of the different strandings are such as to permit maximum manufacturing economy in the following ways:
    1. Maximum use is made of the capacity of aluminum stranding spools.
    2. All stranding spools of aluminum wire may be changed at the same time and simultaneously with a change of conductor reels. This stranding technique precludes any necessity for staggering spool changes and welding individual wires as spools are changed.
    3. Steel wire lengths for ACSR are matched to the lengths of aluminum wires on stranding spools.